The Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community is an annual fundraising walk hosted and underwritten by Highmark. LifePath is one of 26 non-profit organizations to participate in the event locally and one of over 200 state-wide. LifePath is proud to bring our consumers, families, staff, vendors and sponsors together for a morning of celebration and healthy living. 

2019 Highmark Walk was a huge success, bringing out a record number of walkers, rollers, furry friends, supporters and of course LifePath families! Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Mark your calendar for May 30, 2020 - plan to join us at DeSales University for the 2020 Highmark Walk!

If you would like sponsor the LifePath teams, please contact Sylvia Doyle  484-893-5539

Thank you to our 2019 Sponsors!

 Elite Sponsor

Dignity Sponsor ($2,500) – multiple


Brown and Brown of the Lehigh Valley, BSI Corporate Benefits, Robert and Roberta Muche

Team Spirit Sponsor ($1,000) – multiple
Bill Rogers, U.S. Medical Staffing, Delta-T Group (two programs), Van Fleet Family Foundation, Walmart, Steve Mohle Properties, Tina Liu, Dr Albert & Sharon Yuravati, B Braun Medical, Dan Cressman Insurance, Anonymous, Ronald and Bonita Matan

Compassionate Care Sponsor ($500) - multiple
Judy and Terry Iasiello, Robert and Monica-Morekin Serfas, Drew and Colleen Civiletti, Carl Sparano, Catherine and Raymond Deutsch, Samuel Graham, P.J. Whelihan's, General Healthcare Resources, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Delta-T Group, Sandra Ofischin, John Ehresman, David Christ, Terry Malloy, Horwith Trucks, Kate and Robert Niehaus

Balloon Sponsor ($500)
PDC Pharmacy

Headband Sponsor ($500) 
Gross McGinley

Snack Sponsor ($300) – multiple
Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, SAGE Design-Build, Inc., Just Born Candies, Wegman's, Connell Funeral Home 

Everyday Lives Sponsor ($250+) – multiple
Ed Coleman, John McKee, Jeff and Deborah Herr, Absolute Property Maintenance,
Anita and Thomas Iasiello, Sam Jones, Michelle Liu, Dan Steinhauer Pools, Beverly and Charles Azzalina, Rose Ann and Dominic Adams

Consumer Sponsors - Sponsor one or multiple consumers
($30 per registration per consumer) -

Barbara Rumsey, Fernando and Patricia Ferreira, Paul Nester, Maryanne Komada, Marguerite Koiro, Alice Hollingsworth, Musselman Family Trust, Dorothy Reiser and Diane Ruch, Ronald and Ellen Kline, Chet Zaremba, Doris Meek, Steve and Sharon Katz, Denise Eister, Natalie Harper, Rosemary and Robert French, Dennis Bartels, Bobbi and Rob Wolf, David and Nancy Sample, Irene Fleck, Jacqueline and Salvatore Boccadoro, Bruce Rauffenbart, Elizabeth Dellers, Elizabeth and James Kenny, Jette and Norman Sarachek, Connie and Nicholas Len, Ellen and James Litzenberger, Rosalyn Pellegrini, C.W. Koopman, Mary Mihalow, Diane and Frank Ponzio, Marty and Yvonne Carroll, Richard Frederick, Ji-Mean and Inger Liu, William and Audrey Mason, Lois and Dellie Iasiello, Carol Bunderla, Jeffrey Frank, Nikki Iasiello, Larry Beard, Thomas and Kathleen Dieter, Annette and Eric Iasiello, Ronald and Rebecca Casbon, Mark Angeny, Clifford and Conchetta Cardine, Doreen Templeton and Ernest Starniri, Joan and Robert Baldino, James Squarcia, Eileen and Richard Lang, Marla and Daniel Buck, Gerald Berger, Linda and Richard Steinbicker, J. Yurish, Christine and Charles Norcross, Patrice DeFazio, Dorothy Rieser, Agnes and Victor Bastecki, Grace and Joseph Pomrink III, Faith and Robert Spirk,Rebecca Stackhouse, Maria Post, George and Beverly Coleman, Doris Brothers, Debbie and Burton Ackerman, Patricia Gilbert, David Plaskett, McGoey Hauser & Edsall Consulting Engineers, Patricia Bisbing, John and Barbara Golaszewski, Blanche Kline, Daniel Hilbert, Susan and Paul Myers, Marianne and Michael Benioff, Michele and John Collins, Mary and Michael Rosto, Daniel O'Neill, Diana and Clarence Holland, Jr., Nabil Muallem and Najla Bathish, Chet Zaremba, Marion and Kyle Miller, Bernadette and William Page, Mary and Ronald Sierzega, Therese Green, Joseph Fitzpatrick Jr, Patricia and Joseph Piccerillo, Jane and William Rauffenbart, Excellence Professional Wrestling, Stofanak Custom Cabinetry, Helen and William Young, Paula and Donald Sisco, Jacqueline and Janet Jonigian, Kimberly Clemmer, Ellen and James Litzenberger, Glynnis Rea, Maureen Breiner, Julie Behrndt, Paige Stauffer, Majorie Dean, Elizabeth Overmoe, Andrew VanSingel, James Post, Emily Rose Strickland, Louise Ann Serratore, Courtney Hoffman, William Harper, Era Izano, Vincent Saporito, Catherin Ann Anfuso, Daniel Nomie, Susan Leyburn, Valentine Croft, Susan Crompton, Jeanna Dillon, Heather Boyer, Virginia Sodano