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Activity-based Giving

Did You Know?

The people LifePath serves are community volunteers at places like Meals on Wheels and work at places like Home Depot. In fact, we have volunteers at libraries, schools, community colleges, pet rescues, community gardens and many other charitable organizations. We even support some of LifePath’s competitors! People from LifePath work at grocery stores, Wawa’s, a county court house, restaurants, assisted living centers, churches, senior centers and hospitals.

The Connecting with Our Community Initiative supports our agency-wide goal of giving people even more opportunities to spend time out and about as active participants, volunteers and employees in their communities.

Contributions to the initiative support new vehicles, mobility enhancements, memberships to community resources like health clubs, tickets to events and other costs associated with community engagement. 

 Ways To Help!
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Can you maximize your contribution to help us connect with and contribute back to our community? Your gift will be greatly appreciated.