Help LifePath "Raise the Roof"!

We are proud that over the past few years, we have been using our funding effectively to take care of the needs of the people we serve. Improvements to our services such as the Technology Learning Center, Friendship Grove and Dignity Committee activities are enhancing lives and have been met by increased referrals and community support. Focusing on providing the best services possible has been a strategic goal, and we have done well. It is so heartening to help so many people.

Unfortunately though, we have not had the funds necessary to keep our facilities up-to-date with our services. LifePath has a Facility Needs list which now totals more than $400,000. The list includes six houses that need roofs, HVAC systems that are reaching the point of being beyond repair and many kitchen, bathroom and flooring projects that are overdue.

We want to be proud of our facilities in the same way that we are proud of our services. Updated facilities improve everyone’s morale by creating better homes and workplaces and reminding people that they are worth it.

Can you maximize your giving in this one-time appeal to help us create a lasting benefit by updating our facilities? Your monetary or in-kind donation will be greatly appreciated.

Ways to Help:

Please contact Annette Kaiser at or call 484-893-5539 for questions or more information.