Buxmont Dignity Committee Announces Consumer of the Quarter

August, 2016 - Meet Marguerite D! Marguerite has recently been selected as Buxmont’s Consumer of the Quarter for August 2016!

Marguerite has lived at LifePath’s Noble St. since 1995.

Marguerite’s favorite activities are writing letters to her friends, drawing, coloring, reading the newspaper and spending time with her “pride and joy,” a new Calico cat named Willow.

Marguerite loves sandwiches, especially PB&J’s and her favorite TV show is “Emergency.” If Marguerite could vacation anywhere, she would love to go to Queensland Australia to meet Steve Irwin’s wife, Terry.

Marguerite’s friends say she is social, is a good conversationalist and applaud her perseverance and strength for battling cancer.

The Buxmont Dignity Committee is a group of dedicated individuals who meet monthly to create meaningful ways to ensure happiness, peacefulness and joyful lives.

“Consumer of the Quarter” was established to celebrate the “Everyday Lives” of our consumers.  Congratulations Marguerite!

For more information on the Buxmont Dignity Committee, please contact Angie Rothrock at arothrock@lifepath.org.