Craft Ladies Set Date

LifePath’s Craft Ladies at it again for their 31st Annual Holiday Shop

Every Wednesday, 10 very special ladies – none younger than 70 – gather in a small room in the basement of the LifePath building in Sellersville, Pa., to make crafts.

They call themselves The Craft Ladies, and they’ve been meeting every week for the past three decades.

Their room is stacked floor-to-ceiling with cardboard boxes stuffed with all-things crafty: buttons, wooden pieces, dried flowers, holiday-colored felt and fabrics and rolls and rolls of ribbon. There are shelves in the room, too, for more boxes and for tinier plastic containers filled with collections of scissors, tape, glue guns, sewing needles, thread and electric tools.

“Watch your feet,” said Sandra Bates of Perkasie. “There are boxes under the table, too,” she noted with a smile as she side-stepped her way to her seat.

It’s a social time, really. A time when the ladies gather around and catch up with one another, share family stories, discuss the world’s events and create crafts to raise money for LifePath, an organization that provides homes and programs to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We’ve been doing this since 1986 and we’ve been friends all along,” said Helen Koenig, a former board member at LifePath and current Craft Lady.

Joyce Hendricks founded the Craft Ladies with two of her friends in 1986 and the group eventually grew to its current 10 members. With their nimble fingers and artistic eyes, the ladies fashion hundreds of crafts year-round to display and sell at their annual three-day Craft Ladies Holiday Shop.

This year, they celebrate their 31st year. But most definitely do not call this group “old school.”

They may have a median age of 80, but they also have a modern muse, savvy business sense and a whole lot of moxie.

Want proof?

Since it began, the Craft Ladies Holiday Shop has raised $150,000 in revenue, including more than $4,400 last year.

This year, they hope to do it again when the craft shop opens Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 5-7, at Highland Park in Sellersville.

This year, LifePath hopes the public again turns out to support the shop, fulfill its holiday craft needs and even meet and greet the beloved Craft Ladies.

After all, every year these dedicated and devoted heroes go the extra mile for LifePath.

Why not go the extra smile for them?

Craft Ladies Holiday Shop
Dates and Times: October 5 and 6 (9 a.m.-7 p.m.) and October 7 (9 a.m.-2 p.m.)
Place: Highland Park, Highland Park Road and Old Route 309 (next to AT&T Chevrolet), Sellersville, Pa.

Can't make the Holiday Shop? Donate to LifePath on behalf of the Craft Ladies. (Please write "Craft Ladies" under "Dedication or Gift." Thank you.)

written by Annette Kaiser