Tiffany Joy Hein Award- Joy in Excellence

Joy in Excellence Award - Congratulations Vo!

On September 27th LifePath recognized employees who celebrated 5-year anniversary milestones at a luncheon held at the Holiday Inn in Kulpsville, Pa. We congratulate our employees and thank them for their remarkable dedication and devotion to the mission of LifePath: To provide the highest quality of services to the people needing specialized supports through the blending of projessional knowledge, arts and skills in an environment of unconditional respect and dignity.

During the luncheon, the first Joy in Excellence Award was presented to  Voleak Long, recognizing her exceptional spirit and determined resolve to provide excellence in care and commitment to LifePath and the individuals we serve. Below is the script read at the awards celebration:

Voleak Long

Voleak Long or “Vo” as her friends affectionately call her was born in Cambodia to a loving family which included her parents and older brother. At the young age of two Vo’s family began their tumultuous journey to America. During this time her family endured many trying and complicated obstacles that few are aware of.  Both her mother and father did what was necessary to keep the family together in volatile situations.  It was this undying love and compassion for one another that was instilled in Vo at this tender age.  It was these qualities that Vo would not only embrace but display toward all she knows. 

Today Vo is being honored as a recipient for the “Joy In Excellence Award”. An award that was named after one of our own and one of Vo’s closest friends, Tiffany Joy Hein.  As we celebrate Vo, let’s identify the similarities in both Vo and Tif leading to how LifePath identified her as the first recipient of this award.  Vo began working at Lifepath in December 1999 at Black River Rd as a DSP.  It was here that those qualities we identified earlier shined.  Vo was loved immediately by all she worked with and especially by all she cared for.  There she met many lifelong friends to include Tiffany Hein.  Tiffany as many of you know, was an RN at LifePath until her untimely death in 2017.  Tiffany and Vo worked alongside each other at Black River Road working the middle shift.  Over the years Vo and Tiffany became very close friends.  Vo and Tiffany continued on as DSP staff providing standards of care that set the bar when it came to expectations.  In December, 2007 Tiffany obtained her LPN while raising her son Tyler, and inspired Vo to do the same.  In seeing what a better advocate she could be as a nurse, she decided to pursue her passion and began her nursing career.  With the support from Tiffany and her surrounding work family to include all of Black River and the nursing staff she being this new chapter in her life.  With this chapter as in many chapters before Vo would again endure self-sacrifice and the stress associated with her commitment of obtaining her goals.  Vo attended nursing school at Career Center in Hazelton, having to leave her husband and young family during the week only to return on weekends to work.  She continued focusing on her nursing career and completed her nursing degree to become a LPN in 2009.

As we reflect today we see that Vo has accomplished what she had set out to obtain. She is an example of success.  She meets the criteria for this award.  Let me re-phrase- she is the criteria for this award.  Vo has dedicated her life to serve and protect others, she has a generous caring spirit and is an absolute professional.  We want to take the time now and thank Vo for all that she has done and applaud her for being the first recipient of the “Joy In Excellence Award”.    Your shining star is smiling down on you from heaven.

Thank you Vo