BSI Corporate Benefits supports walk in tremendous way

LifePath responds to BSI incentive and surpasses walk goal

On Saturday, June 1st, 2019 over 200 LifePath walkers gathered at DeSales University to support LifePath and to walk for a Healthy Community.

We showed up, wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and furry friends, ready to celebrate our mission and conquer the 3K walk. Supporters from all seven of our counties were present! These supporters were families, friends, co-workers and local businesses who all came together to celebrate our mission and the fact that we not only met our aggressive walk goal of $70,000, but we surpassed it!

But two weeks before the walk we were uncertain we could meet our goal of $70,000. In fact, we were barely at $65,000.

It was then that one of our best friends, BSI Corporate Benefits, offered to match a $2500 donation with their own.  Upon hearing of this incentive our greater LifePath family joined forces and not only raised an additional $2500, but an additional $9K!

Thank you Team BSI for devoting yourselves to our very special individuals and to the mission of LifePath. We are truly truly grateful!

The total amount of money raised = $75K

written by Annette Kaiser