Privacy Policy

Google Analytics is a software program that collects information about our visitors (you)

LifePath uses information collected to ultimately help you find what you’re looking for faster and more efficiently. Overall, we can see how many visitors come to our site, what they are and are not interested in, and over time can make changes to our website to better serve these visitors.

What kind of information does Google Analytics collect?

  • The type of computer or device you are using when you come to the website
  • How long you stay on our website before you click off
  • What website you came from when you come to us
  • What time of day you visited our site
  • What pages you visited on our site
  • And other various information

What does LifePath do with this information?

This data allows us to better understand the people who visit our site and what they are interested in on the site. We use this information to analyze various information like which pages are working and which pages are not.