LifeSharing matches an individual with a local family. They live in the family home, become fully engaged in that home environment, and receive the care, compassion, companionship and stability that a single home environment can provide.

Each individual is accepted for who they are, focusing on their capabilities. We provide people with support as they learn and grow while venturing down life’s path.

It is rewarding to change someone’s life for the
better. I was asked to consider participating in the
LifeSharing program with Eddie and I accepted.
From that point on Eddie has brought joy and
laughter to the family and friends, and has a way
of making our family feel whole. The house would
feel empty and quiet without Eddie
– Liz S., LifePath LifeSharing Provider.

Joanna has lived with us for over 16 years. She has
been a joy, a teacher, a friend, and family. It is a
blessing in a million ways being a Life Sharing provider
– Jamie, LifePath Life Sharing Provider

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